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To Give Now or Later- Weighing the Pros and Cons of Lifetime Asset Gifting

To Give Now or Later? Weighing the Pros and Cons of Lifetime Asset Gifting

Welcome to another informative session from your trusted Peabody Law Firm, Southlake, TX. Today, we turn our attention to an important aspect of estate planning – the pros and cons of gifting assets during your lifetime.

Lifetime Gifting of Assets: An Examination of Benefits and Drawbacks

Lifetime Gifting of Assets- An Examination of Benefits and Drawbacks

Gifting during one’s lifetime is an effective estate planning tool, but it also comes with its set of considerations.

Here’s a look at both sides of the coin:


  • Reduced Estate Taxes: Gifting can lower the value of your estate and consequently reduce potential estate taxes.
  • Joy of Giving: Seeing your loved ones enjoy their inheritance while you’re still alive can bring immense joy and satisfaction.
  • Creditor Protection: Properly structured gifts can protect your assets from future creditors or lawsuits.
  • Medicaid Planning: A well-thought-out gifting strategy can help qualify for Medicaid, if necessary.


  • Loss of Control: Once you gift an asset, you no longer control how it’s used or managed.
  • Potential Gift Taxes: If the gift exceeds the annual or lifetime exclusion, you might owe gift tax.
  • Medicaid Penalty Period: If not planned correctly, gifts can lead to a penalty period before you qualify for Medicaid.
  • Inheritance Expectations: Future generations may anticipate early inheritance, possibly leading to family conflicts.

Considering these factors, it’s crucial to seek the advice of an experienced estate planning attorney to craft a gifting strategy that fits your situation best.

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