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Special Needs Planning Ensuring Your Loved One's Future in Your Estate Plan

Special Needs Planning: Ensuring Your Loved One’s Future in Your Estate Plan

Hello and welcome to another expert-led discussion brought to you by Peabody Law Firm in Southlake, TX. Today, we’re focusing on a crucial but often overlooked aspect of estate planning: special needs planning.

Special Needs Planning: Caring for Your Loved Ones

Family members, especially those with special needs

Estate planning should account for all family members, especially those with special needs.

Here’s how you can address special needs planning in your estate plan:

  • Establish a Special Needs Trust: This legal entity can provide financial support without jeopardizing government aid eligibility.
  • Choose a Trustee: Designate a responsible person who will manage the trust and ensure the beneficiary’s needs are met.
  • Secure Future Care: Use a letter of intent to provide caregivers with vital information about your loved one’s daily routine, medical care, and preferences.
  • Review Life Insurance Policies: Ensure that policies are payable to the trust, not directly to your loved one, which could impact benefit eligibility.
  • Consider a Guardianship: If your loved one cannot make personal or financial decisions, consider appointing a legal guardian.

It’s critical to have a knowledgeable attorney guide you in making these intricate, vital decisions.

Peabody Law Firm, with a rich legacy in serving clients in estate planning, probate, and business services, stands ready to provide you with expert legal guidance.

Our team takes the time to understand your unique circumstances and customizes solutions that best align with your estate planning goals.

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