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Our Services

Our firm focuses on just a few areas of the law. This allows us to provide you with targeted legal support tailored to your specific needs. Whether your business is growing or your family needs the best estate protection available; our legal services have you covered.

Business Services

Starting a new business? Growing and expanding? Need help with a new contract? Make us part of your team.

Estate Planning

From planning for your children or helping Mom and Dad prepare for whatever comes, let us lay out your options and give you peace of mind. No question is too small.

Real Estate & Title

If you are a title company and would like support with deeds and other related matters, we support businesses like yours. Contact us for a deed price sheet.

Special Needs

If you have a special needs child in your family or a parent that may need extra support, we understand the challenges you face. We can create a custom solution to fit your situation.

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Custom solutions to bring you peace of mind

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Military Members, Veterans, & Family

Peabody Law Firm is proud to serve members of our active military, veterans, and family members who reside in Texas. Our work with members of our armed forces focuses on your unique military issues. From Wills & Trusts to real-estate investment LLC’s, we are here to help. Thank you for your service.

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Police and Fire

Putting your life on the line in service of the community is a sacrifice for any individual and family. Having worked for the government, we know what unique issues you face as you plan for your family's future and retirement.

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Quality Legal Advice

Every client, big or small, can expect legal advice tailored to your specific needs. Every individual has unique needs and we aim to give custom service that will meet or exceed your expectations, every time. Additionally, we have offer 6 month financing at 0% interest for most jobs. Check out our Financing page for more information.

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